Friday, February 12, 2016

Days of wine and ro...I mean, chocolate

Yes, good old Valentine's Day is coming up and thoughts turn to love...or is it wine and chocolate?

There's a reason for that. Both contain tannins, naturally occurring compounds that are bitter or astringent.

Washington State University oenology prof Jame Harbertson has partnered with a chocolate company called To'ak Chocolate in Quito, Ecuador.

They want to scope out this tannin stuff. Seems the To'ak chocolate becomes less bitter as it ages. And wine becomes less astringent.

Tannins in chocolate are more stable and predictable. They will be looking at chocolate aged in cognac barrels, as To'ak does.

This will be a 20-year time line--see how the tannins change. Should keep them busy.

In the meantime, Cheers! and have a chocolate truffle.


Anna Maria said...

Star, I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day filled with chocolate...I did have a few pieces from a heart shaped box today. I have read several articles on the benefit of chocolate and I embraced them since I love it and often crave it. I don't drink much wine but I've heard the same thing about it's benefits as well in moderation. Love your posts when I remember to check my blog to see if you have posted something new.

Star Lawrence said...

My daughter and I had no candy, darn it! So jealous. We did dress in red and pink and some sparkles. I post every weekday....and have for what now...almost 10 yrs? Thanks for being a regular...You always have interesting comments.