Monday, February 01, 2016

Even having insurance won't stave off crippling debts

A Kaiser/NYT poll showed that 20% of Americans WITH insurance have trouble paying medical bills.

Of that number, 63% report using up savings and having to take another job to try to make ends meet.

Even though they had insurance, those with dire medical situations delayed vacations or major household purchases (77%), spent less on clothes and other items (75%), or used most of their savings (63%).

Three quarters of those surveys said the new deductibles, copays or coinsurances were more than they could afford.

People also put off other health care--say the dentist.

A quarter also got unexpected claim denials. A third had to seek care outside their network with big bills attached from that.

A third had to defer essential bills such as food, heat, or housing.

These people made extra efforts to shop for cheaper procedures--but reported it was hard to find out what something would cost. Get the procedure or surgery--and THEN you will find out.

Two-thirds of those who did try to negotiate a price were unsuccessful.

So this is ducky, all this.  Pfft.

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