Monday, February 08, 2016

Even older drivers support checks on those over 70

This is in England. The Institute of Advanced Motorists worked with a researcher at the Warwick Medical School at the Univ of Warwick to survey more than 2,600 drivers and former drivers on their opinions and driving history.

More than half of the over-70s said they self-regulate, staying off the road in busy traffic, after dark, or in bad weather.

These drivers drove significantly fewer miles than other age groups--and 84% rated their skills as excellent. Only 6% had ever considered giving up driving.

Nonetheless, almost 60% of those surveyed said drivers should be tested every five years after age 70. Eight-five percent said they should get an eye test every five yrs also. (They also wanted an eye test every 10 years for everyone.)

Around age 70, more than half said, drivers should get a medical exam.

Ninety-four percent said doctors should be required to tell patients when their medical condition affected their ability to drive.

Eighty-two percent said driving is very important to them (more women than men).

So...should we adopt these rules here in the US? I know several personal stories of people who drive and who should not be.

In one instance, when my daughter was a toddler, an elderly driver almost smashed her stroller with her in it. The driver momentarily thought the green light at a cross street was for her.


Anna Maria said...

Well I'm 77 and they will have to hide my car keys to keep me from driving which I've done for over 60 years without an accident. Knock on wood! I couldn't pass the eye exam without prescription glasses the last time but recently had cataract surgery that has greatly improved my vision so will be going down to the DMV and taking the test again to see if I can pass and wear regular sunglasses again rather than expensive prescription ones. I feel it all depends on a person's physical and mental health as to when they should stop driving. I also feel that some 20 years olds should not be allowed behind the wheel. :)

Star Lawrence said...

Stats do show, I think, that younger drivers cause more accidents. I salute you for getting the surgery and retaking the test. Of course, it depends on the person--and you are one person (and a loyal reader) who is conscious of your abilities and responsibilities.