Monday, February 15, 2016

Here we go--heart advice

February equals Valentine's Day and that makes people think of hearts, so February is also heart month. I hate succumbing to those fakey "months" and "days," but will quell my distaste and go over the special symptoms of heart attack women sometimes face.

Most people think a heart attack means some chest pain or pressure that keeps getting worse, shortness of breath, sweating or pain in the left arm.

According to Joy Cotton, MD, a cardiologist at Penn State Hershey, some people don't get any of that--they can be in trouble without knowing it.

I always love hearing that, don't you?

There can be subtle pains in the arm, neck, back or upper chest. Maybe some queasiness or nausea. Or fatigue. Or you might just not feel "right."

Heart disease is THE a leading killer of women, but women often don't get the classic symptoms.

Women need to scan themselves for risk factors--high blood pressure, being overweight, no exercising, smoking or a family history of heart disease--and discuss this with the doctor.

Exercising can reduce those factors by 40%.

Too vague? Apparently this can be vague. How are you feeling right now--and I don't mean just in February, either.

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