Thursday, February 04, 2016

Weed can damage short-term memory--but not by much

I came up in the 1960s, marijuana was around, I never cared for it, but I still know adults who smoke everyday.

There is no question in my mind that it makes people kinda boring to be around if one is not sharing the bowl.

New research in the JAMA J of Internal Medicine confirms it--if you smoke a LOT of weed, it can damage your short-term memory. But only, dude, like a little.

They have a fun new term--marijuana year--that is a year of smoking daily. A marijuana year is also if you smoke every other day for two years or once a week for seven years.

(If you got that, you must not be smoking too much.)

The more you smoke--the worse you perform on memory tests. Kind of.  To wit:

Two groups of 10 people...You give them a list of 15 words and 25 mins later, see how many they remember.

--The first group, non-smokers or those who smoke only occasionally--Maybe nine out of 15 words.

--The second group, smoked every day for a period of five years. 8.5 words out of 15.

Doesn't seem like a dig difference? Researchers admit it's not. But they say if you smoke every day from 20 to 45, you may remember 2.5 fewer words.

So to me the bottom line is you can toke up every day for five years or more and it has little effect on your cognitive abilities and focus. At 45, you can search for a word as it is.

Maybe I am the boring one. Or I need to start using it. Or this is a nothingburger study. I report--you mellow out.

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