Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weird facts about America's second favorite cookie

Nah--there is no Cheeseburger....
I would say the first favorite is chocolate chip.

But Oreos are a close second. Someone dug up some weirdness on this crunchy treat.

It takes almost an hour to make an Oreo. (In a year, twenty million pounds of cocoa and 50 million pounds of the white filling.)

How you eat them can reveal your personality. Kraft Foods did a survey. Those who twist them apart are sensitive. Energetic people dunk. And those who just take a bite are self-confident.

Double Stuff does not contain twice as much...er, Stuf.  It's really only 1.86 times the Stuf, not 2 times.

They really ARE addictive--they did a study in 2013 and rats got hooked.

Hydrox cookies are not a knock-off--they came first.

Flavor makers craft Oreos to the tastes of various countries...There are Green Tea, Alfjor, and Filed Cupcake...but alas, no Cheeseburger (see illustration, used to see if you are paying attention).

What are those designs stamped on Oreos? There are many theories--involving, naturally, the Freemasons and Knights Templar.

No one knows where the name Oreo came from. Maybe from the French word for "gold" since they were wrapped in gold foil in France?

Oreo is a street name in NY--15th and 9th Avenue, where the first iconic cookie was made.

Russia just got Oreos--in 2015--we have had them since 1912.

Milk anyone?

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