Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Will these techniques get rid of double chins?

Jocelyn Lieb, MD, with Advanced Dermatology in Ridgewood, NJ, says people trying to take better selfies have spawned some treatment for double chins.

I have that--and it's sorta crepey, too--what some infomercial I saw called "crazy skin." Gee, that was warm and fuzzy.

Of course, there is a new drug--Kybella, recently approved by the FDA, which is injected into the chin rolls, "with a high rate of                                                          success," Lieb says.

Kybella bursts the fat cell membrane, allowing the liquefied fat to reabsorb into the body Expect to need three to four treatments, one a month, with the worst cases requiring up to six. Does it leave empty skin under there? She didn't say. Side efx are mild pain and swelling.

Also non-surgical is Cool Sculpting, also FDA approved. Carefully controlled cooling to the chin rolls freezes the fat inside and over time, your body gets rid of it. Two treatments--and in 2-3 months, you should see great things.

A third approach is Ulthera--using ultrasound to treat tha tissue under the surface of the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastic tissue. Over 2-3 months, you should see firmer, less saggy skin.

She mentioned no prices for these treatments, so I am assuming you must really want better selfies to undergo any of these treatments. Really, really want.

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