Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A cold or something else?

Not me. She looks way too good,.
I have some stupid disease. Today is Day 10. I guess it's a virus--but while colds are caused by viruses, this does not act like any cold I every had before.

It started as a sore throat one on side, then my blind eye started to hurt, then my ear on that side (day 3), then my cheekbones and face...No fever, just yuckiness. And then about Day 5, these areas and the roof of my mouth began to itch.

I hate taking medicine and I can't see trying to arrange some car trip to the doctor for a COLD! They can't cure those anyhow...

So now, my right ear is stopped up again, the cheekbones are better, but I am stuck with a terrible cough every time I lie down.

I took Nyquil finally out of desperation--and the need to sleep. The stuff that does, you know...come up...looks pretty ugly...

So now has a bacteria gotten in there? Don't know...

I know--I am a baby...but don't you pity me even a little?

If only for having to take Nyquil? That stuff is like a shooter created by Hell's bartender.

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