Friday, March 25, 2016

Are you in the 3%?

Julie Beck, Govt Executive Magazine, Mar 23, 2016, says despite all the health blather, Americans care still unhealthy.

--More than half of what we eat is ultra-processed

--The average American man is just under the medical definition of obese

--In a 2013 ranking of the health of the affluent countries--the US came in last


A new study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, said a "healthy lifestyle" meant:

--Moderate or vigorous exercise for at least 2.5 hrs minutes a week...

--A diet score of more than 40% on the Healthy Eating Index (beats me)

--A body fat percentage under 20%  for men, 30% for women.

The researchers looked at 4,745 people in the 2003-6 National Health and Nutrition Survey. Diet was scored from 24-hr diaries.

--71.5% were nonsmokers

--46.5% got enough exercise

--37.8% had a healthy diet

--But only 9.6% had a normal body fat percentage (normal being debatable)

Just 2.7% met all four criteria.

Now I have a quibble with this article--I think the favorables are pretty high--the percentages...

I don't think you can conclude, as this writer did, that only 3% of people have a healthy lifestyle.

That's spin. For one thing, the study they referenced was 10 years old.

Yes, as a "people" we tend to be stressed, overweight and sedentary as we scratch out an existence. But many, many people are trying to do better.

Kale growers are flourishing.

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