Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Better to chew than drink or slurp

Pond scum in a glass. Kidding--
drink up.
Lorraine Chow, AlterNet,com, Mar 7, 2016, takes on the current crazes toward juices/juicing and nutritional "soups" routines.

Or, as some call these--bottled greens. Or a natural dose of Red Bull.

She asks is it worth paying ten bucks for a bottle of liquefied produce.

And is drinking your food actually good for you?

Those juice cleanses cropped up in 2009---and with them those juicing machines. (The blades in a blender supposedly do something bad to enzymes...cue the BS alarm).

The movie starts going onboard and the trend was off to the races. Cold -pressed juices drag in $100 million a year.

Yes, it's a shot of nutrients--fresh, quick, and easy (ever cleaned a presser?).

But--valuable parts of the plant are thrown out--skins, fiber.

And it's environmentally wasreful--a 16-oz bottle can contain six pounds of veggies or fruit.

Leftover pulp does into landfulls--where it emits methane gas.

Have juices peaked? Well, some "bars" have gone bellyup.

NOW--we have "souping." Hot juice. Eaten with a spoon--you know, like food is.

And chewing your food--remember that?--also leaves you less hungry.

PLUS--Your body is self-cleansing..the liver, the kidneys,

Go ahead--eat a salad. At least salads look better than a vat of green goo.

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