Monday, March 21, 2016

Breakfast time!

That peanut butter--protein a good
Supposedly breakfast revs up the metabolism, prevents overeating at lunch and dinner, and walks the dog. Who knows for sure. People eat it--or don't.

Personally, I have always had breakfast. Maybe a piece of toast and tea--but something. Others I know have leftover pizza, eggs everyday--it varies. We also will eat a frozen pancake or two over here.

In the March issue of Food Technology, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, Carolyn Schierhorn writes about current trends in breaking the overnight "fast."

--Breakfast products constitute the three fastest-growing categories at the supermarket. These are shelf-stable items (cereal), frozen egg substitutes, and eggs.

--Breakfast is the fastest-growing restaurant meal (offering it all day is saving McDonalds' er...bacon).

--Twenty-eight percent of consumers at breakfast away from home--up 11% from 10 yrs ago.

--Sixty-three percent of people might grab something from home and eat on the go (say in the car). Forty-five percent would go through a drive-through. Thirty-one percent stop at a convenience store or gas station.

--Eighty percent of people eat frozen breakfast foods. A fourth eat these as a snack--another 25% eat them on the go.

--Ninety-three percent eat cold cereal!

If time is limited, 21% of Americans will skip breakfast.

I guess the rest are hardcore--they want their EGGO!

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