Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am in find-a-doc hell again

Not me and not why my hair is leaving.
When I hear that old chestnut that America has the finest health care in the world, I just shake my head sadly.

I am in a Medicare HMO Advantage plan from a major provider--Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have no car, must pay for cabs. The copay for specialists is $30. So as with everything, I must economize.

I need to consult a dermatologist--some funky spots on my skin, some sizable cysts, and above all, my hair has decided to fall out...I have lost a fourth of it.

I went to the book for my plan--only two dermatology practices nearby. Both had 1-3 (out of 5) stars on Yelp and awful comments. Comments ran from "wish I could give no stars" to "worst I ever went to."

Finally I found one that was decent but it was far--I would have to rent a car. Spendy!

A second that was marred only by comments about her long wait times sounded bearable...but after two long phone tree waits, I learned although her office said she took my plan, she really did not.

The primary's office was no help--they said to call my plan. My plan said to ask them.

Classic turfing situation...

So not go? Give up? Hair grows back, right... And those spots...well, hope for the best?

Incidentally, a new national poll done by CS Mott Children's Hospital concerning mostly children's medical providers shows that 30% of parents use rating sites but are very worried about those ratings being fake. I guess this means they think the good ratings would be fake--or do docs talk smack about each other on those sites?

This is all very maddening and I would like not to end up looking like a plucked chicken.

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