Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Is retirement good for you or the beginning of the end?

House on the water, probably a boat,
sure they sleep 11 mins more.
There are two sides to this--either leaving the routine of work and hanging out at home leads to a loss of interest and vitality or--as a study done at the University of Sydney recently indicated--retirement can mean people are more active, sit less and sleep better.

The researchers looked at 25,000 Australians (J of Preventative Med) and found retirement was associated with positive life changes.

Their subjects:

--Increased physical activity by 93 mins a week
--Decreased sedentary time by 67 mins a day
--Increased sleep by 11 mins a day
--50% of female smokers quit

On the "eh" side, they found no association between retirement and alcohol use or fruit and veggie eating.

The biggest changes came from people retiring from full-time work...the commuting took a lot of time from their day.

Some people retire because they have physical ailments--I imagine that would throw the curve off a little.

Also retirement can cause money woes--I am at a loss to see how they got 11 minutes more sleep with that going on.

Don't you think this depends on the person? Some people will zip around with classes, lunches, and projects. Others will watch more TV and miss their work friends.

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