Friday, March 18, 2016

Is this for real?

Quick! Cherry or strawberry?
Even though I also do a "creativity" site-- -- I sometimes think a lot of "innovations" are solutions looking for problems.

I saw a pie cutter thingie on the Food Network Show THE KITCHEN that you pressed into the pie and it cut 8 pieces. If you can't cut a pie, you can't have any!

But I digress.

Today's questionable device is a necklace you wear that can discriminate between the chewing sounds of various foods and thus monitors your caloric intake.

First a scientist, at the University of Buffalo had to create a library cataloging the unique chewing sounds.

I am serious.

They took 12 subjects, men and women, 13 to 49, who got water and six types of food--apples, carrots, potato chips, cookies, peanuts and walnuts. The necklace called AutoDietary made the right call 85% of the time.

Then this was married to a "choker" necklace that will what...listen to your neck?..and tell you how many cals you are eating on a readout.

They claim this will help diabetics, fat people, people with bowel disorders, and others.

I don't mean to be so snarky--but isn't there an easier way? I gather this researcher got a grant or funding--but the last time I looked we had bigger health problems than deciding whether a person is chewing a carrot or an apple.

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