Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Your Fitbit readings are TMI for your doctor

Are you kidding? You're lucky if
the doctor reads the clipboard.
A study that won "best paper" and will be presented in March at the Association for Computing Machinery's conference, surveyed 211 patients, 21 doctors, dietitians, aand other providers about all this patient tracking data people are amassing.

The advice is to share this with your doctor. But doctors say they don't have the time or tools to interpret data from dozens of lifestyle, fitness, or food tracking apps that a patient may bring in on their cellphone.

The team--at University of Washington--says if you are monitoring because of a chronic disease, this info can be useful--but doctors have no way to handle it.

They are looking into:

--Developing tools to visualize, summarize, and annotate self-tracking data

--Designing methods to analyze and explore such data

--Helping clinicians understand which tools support different goals

--Helping patients understand and make sense of the data--and not just hand it to the doctor\

--Clearly outlining how such data should be shared

The researchers also found that if the doctor initiated the tracking, he or she was more likely to use it and make sense of it.

If patients bought an app  or wearable tracking tools such as Fitbit, the data was less useful.

One doctor said ask developers to create a summary page.

When doctors did make a pass at looking at the info, it was more likely patients would continue the day-to-day attention to their issue.

In other words, this is a technology in a state of's not there yet. That's my read.

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