Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earn now, have kids later?

Researchers at Washington University in St Louis have weighed in on the delaying motherhood debate--they say women can minimize career income losses by waiting until they are 30 or more to have kids.

Published in PLOS ONE, these findings show that this is true even if the woman does not have a college degree.

Their study showed lower lifetime earnings for women who gave birth before age 30. The hit was the worst for women with no degree who had a baby before 25.

The study was conducted among Danish women--because the Danes collect such info on 100% of their people.

The researchers said children do not kill careers, but the earlier they arrive, the less the mother's lifetime income. According to this, mothers lose 2-2.5 years of labor force income by having a baby before 25.

---For college educated women, this is 2 years of income.

---Women who give birth before 28, college or no, consistently earn less throughout their careers.

---This was interesting: College educated women who delay children until after age 31 earned more over their entire careers that women with no children.

Of course, these decisions run smack into declining fertility after age 30--but the improvements in IVF may increase the trend toward older motherhood.

I had my daughter at 38. Staying home and working at home as a writer, I had no real income to see go missing. I was only mistaken for my daughter's grandmother one time.

And waiting too long makes it harder to chase the little ones around--and may mean they have to take care of you that much sooner. Sad face. Money isn't everything--heard that before?

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