Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Food tips for us old gals

As your body sinks slowly into the west with all sorts of random crud, older people tend to try to eat their prescriptions if they can.

Kimberley Hibbert, ALL WOMAN, Apr 4, 2016, president of the Jamaica Assn of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics, says eating well, especially in the older years, can improve mental health, protect against disease, raise energy levels, help you heal and recover, and generally make everything better.

Older women, especially, she says, should seek the advice of a nutritionist.

Of course, maintaining a normal weight is the first thing they recommend...Everyone is getting fatter, does this mean "normal" is fatter--all righty then.

Eating from the six food groups is also important. So many people eliminate groups--such as carbs. (I had eliminated dairy and it really helped with my trouble insides.)

Advice for older women:

Eat more fruits. Whole fruits, not juice.  A fourth of your intake should be fruits. All colors.

Also eat a range of colors in your veggies. Dark leafy greens, yellow and orange as in carrots and squash. Another quarter of your intake--veggies.

You also need plenty of calcium.  Think 1,200 mg a day. This can come from milk, yogurt, or cheese. For non-dairy, tofu, broccoli, almonds and (of course) the ever-popular kale.

Pay attention to your staples.  For carbs, think high fiber such as yams, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Less good--rice, flour products.

And last, food from animal sources. People without kidney disease or diabetes, need 1.5 grams of protein per 2.2 lbs of body weight.  Don't know the metric system--nah, me either. anyhow, Spread the protein throughout the day and vary the sources.  Instead of just red meat--try some fish, beans, eggs, nuts, milk and cheese.

I have bought some frozen blueberries--yum. I also add the range of veggies in frozen stir-fry mix to everything I eat almost.

Am I a fanatic about no sugar. No, I am not. You lose half your taste buds after age 50--I never used to have a sweet tooth and now I do.

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