Friday, April 15, 2016

Kids of same-sex couples in stable homes fare equally well

A study in the April J of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics shows that children raised by same-sex female parents with a good family life show no difference in general health, emotions difficulties or coping and learning from kids in different-sex stable homes.

They said their study showed households with no divorces or other family transitions have similar spouse-partner and parent-child relationships whether same-sex or opposite-sex.

They looked at 95 households of each. They matched the parent and child characteristics. (Male same-sex couples were not included because their database had too few of those.)

The couples were raising the children with no disruptions since birth--no divorce, separation, or adoption.

They also found the more positive the parent-child relationships resulted in better coping and behavior.

The did note, however, that same-sex couples experienced more parenting stress, which they attributed to the "cultural spotlight" on such relationships.

In other words, do people need to butt out of judging and tweaking these relationships and just let people live?


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