Monday, April 18, 2016

Like wine tours, only with weed

My TV system has a weird little channel called Viceland...hippie-dippy meets crunchy granola. There is a series on it called Weediquette...And recently they featured women pot growers (a minority). These gals sat around sampling each other's candy and pot-coated pretzels. I wondered how they could run a business.

But getting stoned and getting others stoned is a big business in Colorado, at least. The New York Times did a piece on marijuana tourism in the amusingly named Mile High State.

There are marijuana-laced ski outings (watch out, a tree!), stoner mountain treks, stoner foodie tours, vaporizer rentals, you name it.

The reporter picked a tour that offered him a vaporizer to start in his room in the hotel, a copy of Dope Magazine, and some lavender oil to bring him down if he freaked.

The story went on in the same vein--he probably munched on  or toked some female-entrepreneur product, too. Who knows.

I came up in the sixties--pot was everyplace. I never much liked it. I understand the grade of MJ is much stronger now, with hundreds of varietals.

Maybe I am an old grump now, but it occurs to me that with the man-in-the-street interviews showing that many young people cannot name four US presidents, we don't need to become an stupider.

On the other hand, politics being what it is now, maybe pot is the answer. Who even knows anymore.

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