Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vaseline--Third World healer

First, I love are never supposed to use a petroleum based product on your face (according to the fashion rags--which push much more expensive goo)--but I often do and my skin is pretty wrinkle free for my age.

Then I read a little story in Marie Claire (May)--on the use of this perennial product to salve the abused, cracked skin of the feet of refugees.

Vaseline has started the Vaseline Healing Project to make the miracle salve available to refugees in Jordan, Kismu (Kenya), Chennai (India), and Marabut (Philippines).

The company also sponsors dermatologists on medical missions to needy areas under its Direct Relief program (which also sends teams to areas in Dallas and New Orleans).

Every Vaseline purchase (except lip products) supports the Direct Relief outreach.

Cheap, available, and helpful in keeping horrible skin abuse from eating into people.

Let's hear it for Vaseline.

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