Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Even those little kiddie pools can kill

Fun--but can be dangerous.
Big, deep swimming pools present a hazard to tots, of course, but they are often fenced by law.

What isn't fenced are the little inflatable kiddie pools. As my father used to say, you can drown in a cup of water. You can also drown in a mop bucket of water. And a toddler can easily dart out of the house and head for the kiddie pool before you know it.

More than 10% of child drownings occur in plastic wading pools or above-ground pools, according to Nina Shapiro, MD, professor of head and neck surgery and director of pediatric otolaryngology at UCLA.

More than half the drownings occur when this child is unsupervised or there is a lapse in supervision. The parent dozes off inside, goes in to answer the phone, or is just chatting with a friend.

The idea is to create layers of caution:

--Watch children vigilantly. They are fast--all it takes is a second for them to make a wrong move.

 --Have a phone by the pool in case you need to call 911.

--Install a gate at least four feet tall around large pools--make sure it's latched.

--Learn CPR.

--Drain little pools when not in use.

--Remove toys when the kids are not in the water..familiar objects can lure the little ones.

--Remember, life preservers are a safety device, not a toy. Wearing one might not be a bad idea for bold toddlers.

If something happens, you will bear the pain the rest of your life. High stakes.

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