Thursday, May 26, 2016

I like this idea--medical problemsolving

I have a friend who went for her first visit at a new primary physician with a cough--and he never even listened to her lungs. He didn't touch her at all. He said, "You said the cough was getting better--I might hear something, but it sounds like you are going in the right direction."

This is doctoring?

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) says their school of medicine is adopting a new approach. Instead of spending years memorizing anatomy, they will team up to treat "paper" patients--with symptoms that need unraveling.

For each paper patient, they will identify the condition and the needed treatment. They will determine what they know--and what they need to find out. Where will they get the needed info? In the course of all this, they will be learning anatomy, chemistry, biology.

This is called Problem-Based Learning--PBL.

The founding dean of the UNLV medical school, Barbara Atkinson, MD, first implemented this approach at the Drexel College of Medicine in Pennsylvania in 1990.

This approach also teaches doctors how to collaborate. It provides them lifelong networking friendships.

Faculty members in this system act as guides.They push the students' learning into necessary directions.

This is about thinking strategies--self-direct investigation, working as a team.

Honestly, this sounds pretty good to me. I have only had one doctor in my checkered past with physicians actually look something up and tell me about it. He had been thinking about ME outside the exam room. I was impressed.

He quit practicing, though--and went to teach.

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