Friday, May 27, 2016

Parents, are your college kids slamming "study" drugs?

Back in the day, when we needed to pull an all-nighter to catch up before an exam, we downed some No-Doz--caffeine pills from the drug store that made you nauseated and jittery.

Now, according to Linda Begdache, research asst prof at Binghamton University, the "kids" are throwing down Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and Vyvanse.

These are what I call "big drugs." Basically, we are talking "speed." Brain stimulants.

These not only help with concentration, but induce pleasurable feelings from surging dopamine. Users feel alert, on top of it, brilliant even.

Seven years ago, Begdache says a student asked her about negative side efx of these drugs.

Good question.

She found that the users of these drugs were usually male--and had LOW GPAs.

The ADHD drugs carry a black box warning, meaning the FDA calls attention to serious or life-threatening risks.

But the kids buy them by the pill--they never see the original bottle or the warning. And many physicians prescribe them helterskelter.

The ADHD drugs rewire the brain the same way illicit drugs do. Abuse can result in addiction--the same way.

Brain changes can be permanent. They affect the "reward" centers of the brain, which affects the brain's self-correcting internal balance. This means the brain starts to want more and more.

These drugs can also "prime" the brain for other substances, such as alcohol, coke, or marijuana.

They can also bring about behavioral changes--aggression, mood swings, psychosis, abnormal libido and suicidal urges.

Some of this can also be handed down genetically to the user's offsrping, according to some researchers.

So...why not study as you go along? Be REALLY smart...taking a "big drug" when you don't need to is not smart.

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