Friday, June 03, 2016

Barbeque Part 3--How not to grill yourself

All fun and games until....
In my last of my three-parter from UT Southwestern, I discuss how to avoid personal injury while cooking outdoors. (Guys--this may mean you.)

Talk to any professional food worker and you soon learn knife and burn scars are almost mandatory. They all have them. Think about it--kitchens mean high heat, sharp blades, crowded surroundings, and fast moves.

Well, cooking over open flames outside with guest grabbing attention and kids careening around isn't much different.

Grilling food may smell good and divert the senses, but grills are hot. So are open flames and even light gray banked charcoal.

---Never pour water on coals. Steam flies up and can scald.

--Keep baking powder handy for grease fires--water is no good.

--Keep children and pets away from "fire starter" or lighter fluid. NEVER use gasoline.

--Keep kids and pets three feet away from the grill--at very least. Never leave the grill unattended by an adult if kids are around.

--Don't lean over the grill. Scarves, shirt tails or apron strings can catch on fire.

--Use flame-retardant mitts and long utensils to avoid burns.

--Never move a hot grill out of the way--wait until the next day.

--Also, remember burning charcoal produces carbon monoxide, which can kill in enclosed places. Never grill indoors such as in a garage, tent, RV, camper or other space.

And I would add--don't get so used to grilling you think you are immune to these rules. Big mistake.

Otherwise--when's the party--I will bring the potato salad.

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