Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Barbeque--Part One

The UT Southwestern Medical Center published a very long riff on summer barbequing. I am dividing it into three parts.

First, they point out, cooking beef, pork, fish or poultry with high temperature methods such as grilling over an open flame can increase chemicals that can cause changes in DNA and also increase the risk of cancer.

Red meat and high temp grilling can both up the risks of colon cancer.

So the idea is to minimize the time on the grill:

--Microwave the meat first

--Turn the meat often while grilling

--Remove charred or blackened parts before eating.

How to control calories at BBQs:

--Eat a low calorie snack or salad before going to the party.

--Drink water instead of other drinks.

--Drink water when eating haigh salt foods. Remember, one drink for women, two for men.

--Eat smaller portions.

--Make a plate of little samples.

--Don't stand by the buffet table.

OK--tomorrow...Good nutritional tradeoffs for summer foods and how to keep food safe in outdoor environments.

Look--I know most people won't drink one drink or eat only baby carrots...these are just ideas.

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