Friday, June 24, 2016

Designate a Water Watcher and other summer advice

Summer! Even in the desert, my favorite season, not that I get around much these days.

But for kids, summer is paradise--travel, swimming, the beach, hiking, camping...

The docs at Children's Hospital Los Angeles have some tips for keeping kids safe:

--Use the Water Watcher strategy. When there are several adults around kids who are swimming, formally appoint one a Water Watcher for, say, 15 minutes at a time. Don't assume "someone" is watching. the Watcher should be within "touch" distance--an arm's length.

--Enroll kids in swimming classes and teach them to always swim with an adult present.

--Learn CPR.

--Teach children to never play around the drains at the bottom of pools--they can suck the kids down and hold them there.

--On a boat, kids must wear life jackets. Make sure it fits properly--fasten it and have the kids raise their arms--if the jacket rises to the chin or ears, it is too loose.

--Drink water during all sports--before and after.

--NEVER LEAVE A CHILD IN A CAR, even for a "minute." We have already had some tragic deaths this summer

--For heat in general--kids should wear loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing.

--Strenuous outdoor activities should be scheduled in the early AM and late afternoon.

--Always put sunscreen on kids. Skin damage can occur in 15 minutes.

Kids are small and vulnerable, they make stupid decisions sometimes. It's up to parents to safeguard them.

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