Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Easy one for you--babies are cute

It has to be a Darwin thing. But some researchers attacked this thorny subject anyway--why babies are so darn cute.

The study, in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, was done by some psychiatrists from Oxford on emerging research on how cute infants and animals affect the brain.

"Cuteness," of course, triggers protective caregiving, which keeps babies alive.

Infants really lay it on--clicking with all five our our senses. The chubby cheeks, rosebud mouth, the giggle or little grunts, soft skin, and a great baby smell.

Scientists have peered into parental brains and found that cuteness triggered immediate reactions (awww, high squeaky talking) and slower ones, too, such as play, empathy, and even morals.

This is more than simple, instinctive behavior--cuteness affects both men and women and even those without children of their own.

Go, babies--you are on the right track.

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