Friday, June 10, 2016

Food bank for college students

This could pass for dinner.
A few weeks ago, the Washington Post ran a story highlighting the difficulties some scholarship students have in getting enough to eat on campus.

I know, it sounds improbable, but some even "full boat" scholarships do not include the "food plan." The students in the story reported eating one meal in the cafeteria and taking fruit or some other items for "later."

In other words, even at the most fancy-schmancy Ivy League schools, some kids suffered from food insecurity.

Many of the commenters on the story scoffed at this and suggested more ramen or told the complainers to get a job, but I gather this is a legitimate issue.

In ON WISCONSIN, the University of Wisconsin alumni magazine, there was a story on this at the very prestigious University of Wisconsin.

In February, a food bank opened in the student union.  It receives funding from student fees for staff and operational fees, but relies on donations placed in bins around campus (student fees cannot be used for food).

Summed up Samantha Arriozola, class of 2017, "When people get to a Big Ten university like UW, they assume everyone automatically turns middle class once they are here, which is not the case."

How about where your kid goes to college? Or what about your kid period?

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