Monday, June 27, 2016

Sandcastles can kill

Kill sea turtles, that is.

Experts say you may have fun building a big castle during the day--complete with deep moats--and that night, a hatch of baby turtles may start scampering for the sea and get stopped by what's left of your tall walls and deep depressions.

It's nesting time now. Sea turtles, by the way, are a protected species.

Naturally, if you find a nest of eggs, you should leave it alone. But you also need to not create an obstacle course for the babies.

Please do this:

--Knock down the castles before you leave and flatten the sand.

--Fill in holes.

--If the kids object, teach them that these structures can trap the babies. Even the mothers can get stuck.

--Also remove tents, umbrellas, toys and chairs at day's end.

Speaking of beaches, if you want a wonderful story on how beaches used to be considered dangerous, disgusting places, but were rehabbed into being a fantastic destination, insert this story from Smithsonian Magazine in your browser.

Happy ocean!

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