Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trained teachers let med students examine them

Future doctors and nurses at Texas A&M and other universities learn to perform even intimate exams on specially trained teaching associates, who sometimes sit upright while being probed the better to communicate with the student doing the exam.

The title of this job is Male urogenital teaching associate (MUTA) or gynecologic teaching associate (GTA).

A big emphasis is on how to make such exams more comfortable for the patient. They provide feedback during the exam.

This is considered a better system than using untrained volunteers or as in the old days, a mannequin (although some advanced mannequins are still used).

The emphasis on making the patient feel comfortable during exams of private areas is aimed at encouraging patients to keep up with such exams periodically.

These instructors teach students how to teach patients about their own bodies.

No nursing degree is needed to do this, although many of these instructors do have them.

As for feedback, the program's leaders say students come in terrified, sweating, dreading, and leave happy saying it was an AWESOME way to learn.

I would say having 25 pelvic exams in a day is a lot for these instructors--but I guess it's up to them. I always favor trying something new.

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