Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Are we all going to be "wired"?

Some people have suggested "microchipping" humans who might wander. There are already teeny cameras you can swallow to spy on your insides.

But now researchers at Tufts have combined nano-scale (little) electronics and microfluidics into threads--from cotton to synthetics--which can then be sutured into multiple layers of your tissue to send back diagnostic data.

Hold the phone! Suture threads into us? Check this out in the July 18th Microsystems & Nanoengineering.

They call these "smart wearable systems." Apparently these threads then send signals of your stress, strain, temp, pH and glucose levels and other indicators to your cellphone or computer.

Well, I do sometimes regard the workings of my body as the enemy or at best, completely independent from "me."

One issue is long-term biocompatibility--which I think is sciencespeak for will the body attack these threads or set up an infection or rejection?

Maybe--they say--the threads could even be smart sutures for wounds--to monitor healing. This sounds semi-reasonable to me. Or the threads could "wick" medications in.

Is this a solution looking for a problem--or will be all be "woven" in the future.

Whichever--you heard it here first.

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