Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Does smoking make you look old?

Like this look?
Dermatologist Romeo Morales, MD, of Advanced Dermatology in Albertson, NY, says YES.

Forty million people in the US still smoke, despite the warnings, studies, and gross pictures.

But now the researchers think smoking may also accelerate the aging process.

Oh, no!

Much of this shows up on the skin. Smokers face a telltale pattern of wrinkling, coarseness and discoloration. This goes for the whole body--not just the parts exposed to the sun. The number of cigs per day and how long you smoked directly correlate to the condition of even protected skin, like the inside of the upper arm.

Smokers are also more likely to get non-melanoma skin cancers--basal cell and squamous.

Poor wound healing can also show up in smokers. Same for sagging breasts, psoriasis, dental issues, and hair loss.

And smoking impairs collagen production--which along with elastin, keeps skin smooth and springy.

And don't forget "smoker's mouth"--those purse string wrinkles from sucking on a tube,

Sure, you can get some relief from botox or plastic surgery--but wouldn't it be better to toss the cigs and prevent early changes?

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