Monday, July 18, 2016

Health reasons to play Pokemon Go

I am completely quoting this and have no idea what this means. Pokemon Go is a GPS-augmented reality game happening across the nation.

OK, I got that.

Players known as "trainers" download it to their smartphones. To progress, trainers must walk around to find and catch Pokemon (avatars), which pop up on their screens, and access locations called Pokestops, where Pokeballs and other useful items are collected.

In short--all this requires a lot of walking.

What began as a game is now a hobby for 9-21 million people, including a lot of kids who would normally be hunched over their video games.

To "hatch one egg" (search me) you may walk 1-6 miles.

The game also promotes a sense of community--people meet face to face at the Pokestops.

Families walk around and play together--two or three generations, sometimes.

The game also broadens a sense of curiosity. Even the founder located new areas in his community he never knew about.

On the dark side, sometimes people fall off curbs or otherwise get injured as a result of staring into their phones.

Tip: Never play it while driving. Don't play at night in dark, isolated areas. Also, be wary of the heat and sun exposure of summer. Going out as a team is best.

Go, catch 'em all--and get healthier not hurt.

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Star Lawrence said...

Beware--playing Go may max out your data plan...