Friday, July 01, 2016

Like making mix tapes?

Check out a group called Music and Memory ( This is a nonprofit that makes tapes of favorite tunes for Alzheimer's patients. High school kids often are the ones making the tapes.

The students interview the patients, acting as detectives to see what music from their past has affected them most. They hand out the music, help the residents, many in assisted care, with their iPods.

The kids say when the patients put in their earphones, they seem to "wake up." You see a different them, one said. You see them happy. You see them move around.

My own mother used to love Perry Como--played his tapes all the time.

Music and Memory has been instituted in more than 2,000 facilities in all 50 states and many countries.  It is the standard of care in Wisconsin and Utah.

Often, too, it can substitute for the antipsychotic meds that can be prescribed and which react badly to the systems of older people.

Sounds like a great group!

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