Friday, July 15, 2016

Not what, but WHEN, you eat

I know so many people who have different theories of "eating." No breakfast, eat only when hungry, eat small meals many times a day, don't eat this food group or that never ends.

Yesterday, I ate some (OK, too much) dark chocolate and suffered with horrible cramps for almost 24 hours now. Eating in MODERATION was an option--should have taken it.

Suzanne Judd, PhD, associate professor, University of Alabama Birmingham's Dept of Biostatistics, says when and how we eat foods is key.

This is a matter of personal taste and body chemistry, though. You have to figure it out.

Most of the body's chronic illnesses stem from inflammation--a vague term referring to an over-active immune system that responds even when there is no organism to fight.

Since a third of the immune system lies within the gut, what we eat is tied to the daily immune response.

My body did NOT like half a dark Godiva bar and told me so. And told me. And told me.

She says diets like Whole30, a month-long clean eating program, and Paleo, reduce pro-inflammatory foods but are hard to maintain.

One option is to take breaks from a regular diet of this sort and  follow the ideas bhind them to lower inflammatory load.

Or try the 90:10 rule---90% clean foods, 10% from the processed column.

Make a list of your favorite foods--not dishes, but the foods themselves.

Eat your favorite fruit/veggie, meat/grain/nut/seed every day.

--Eat six to nine servings of fruit and veggies. Raw, dried, cooked. Eat what's in season.

--Eat some "good" fat--avocado, walnuts, almonds, olives, chia, olive oil, grapeseed oil, or canola.

--Find a good proteins. Lentils, beans, seeds, fish, meat. Don't eat something because you should. Judd said she once ate nothing but fish--and was so miserable she binged on cookies.

--If you feel shaky, but have eaten within three hours, take a walk instead of snacking.

--Ask your doctor if you are low in Vit D.

--And if all this is too much, or not enough, ask a dietitian. Steer clear of anyone who claims to have a cure for obesity.

And this from me: Dark chocolate? Beware..

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