Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some people think throwing out food is good

Americans throw away 80 billion pounds of food a year. But only half realize food waste is even a problem.

In a peer-reviewed study published in PLOS ONE, 500 people were quizzed on food waste.

Only 53% saw this as a problem.  this was up 10% from an earlier Johns Hopkins study.

Still, you don't change your behavior if you don't think there is a problem.

Basically, those who responded had several ideas about waste:

--68% believed that throwing away food after the package date prevented food borne illness. Almost 60% believed throwing away old food ensured meals were fresh and flavorful.

--77% were guilty about throwing out food.  But only 58% saw this as bad for the environment.  And--only 42% saw this as a waste of money.

--51% thought it would be difficult to reduce this waste. Forty-two percent said they didn't have time to worry about it.

--Fifty-three admit they waste more food when they buy on sale or in bulk.

--87% thought they wasted less than other people.

The researchers said removing SELL BY and USE BY from packages would significantly reduce waste without harming anyone.

Making people more aware, they added, would only affect the behavior of 5-10%,.

My daughter asked me the other day could she eat sour cream that said SELL BY August. I said could it get more sour?

She lived.

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