Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What would you want genetically in a dad for your kids?

You know me--I have tried a lot of these diseases and treatments--so you don't have to. Yes, I am a saint.

I also used donor sperm as part of a long process of conceiving my daughter. I remember wanting a donor who was smart (med students, I was told, so reasonably intelligent). Also healthy--which in my case, meant lean and athletic (opposite of me). They said the students were. I finally selected Number 234--Irish background, musical ability--and then I met a guy---well, it's a long story...Anyhow--my daughter is NOT the product of Irish Eyes Were Smiling.

Now, they have done a study of  what women look for in a donor. (Done in Australia, 1546 women, and published in the Economics of Human Biology.)

In most developed countries--the researchers pointed out--women with fertility problems, single, lesbians, all sorts, can freely access sperm banks.

Women no longer need to stay within their proximity or social class or even race.

So the criteria seem to be boiling down to educational level and age of the donor.

The earlier criterion of ability to provide resources is not necessarily involved in these transactions.

Women also used to prefer older males--more likely to have resources (let's say money, shall we?). Now women make their own money and find younger male sperm more reassuring.

Interesting. To me anyway.

Now let me add my take. Whether it's donor sperm or the casual hookup that results in a child or even a marriage--women could stand to be a little pickier there, too. Many things tend to have a genetic component--even get-up-and-go and enthusiasm for work and achievement, a tendency toward violence, and other important aspects of character that could affect the child and the mother.

Word to the wise...

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