Thursday, August 25, 2016

Foodies--48 million foodies

According to an article in Food Technology by A. Elizabeth Stone, 48 million Americans consider themselves foodies--meaning involved with food, interested in food and cooking. This would be the live to eat crowd.

Some morsels about them:

--Over the past five yrs, consumers who want to try a new product first have gone up by 39%.

--Those who want to eat more "gourmet" food--up 27%.

--Foodies are 60% more  likely to buy foods labeled organic and natural--and 40% more likely to buy locally.

--Although they usually buy 10 items or fewer per trip to the store, 47% of foodies spend $100 or more per trip (only 34% of non-foodies do this).

--Foodies shop for groceries four days or more per week.

--Despite this preoccupation, foodies tend to want short cooking times more than non-foodies.

--Still, 47% of foodies bake for fun, compared to 32% of adults overall.

--Core foodies are much more likely to count calories, be on a diet, exercise regularly, and are twice as likely to avoid certain foods because of allergies or intolerances.

--One in five foodies bought food from a restaurant 15 or more times a month.

Foodies--I like the name. It's yummy.

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