Friday, August 05, 2016

Fun activities for kids on the hottest days

When the thermometer climbs above 90 degrees, kids often want to slump on the couch in the air conditioning and play video games or watch TV.

But as fall approaches and kids need to be energetic and sleep a regular schedule at night for school, it's time to get them moving, heat or no heat.

The trick is to disguise "fitness" with fun.

--Pools are great in hot weather--indoor, outdoor, kiddie type, even a sprinkler. Many pools offer day passes or short-term memberships. I used to "join" a hotel pool when we lived in DC--we swam every evening and then spent all day on weekends--prepaid...and it was great.

--Get everyone up early for the air conditioned mall. Even if the stores are not open, the mall may be--and the kiddie areas.

--Check into indoor trampoline parks or indoor play areas--maybe you can even score a Groupon.
Or how about indoor rock climbing? Some of those places accommodate kids.

--Zumba, karate, yoga? See if your local purveyors have day passes and welcome kids or have kid classes.

--If you go outside, go in the evening and head for shady paths and parks. Being near the water, even a pond, is cooling. Bring sandwiches for dinner.

Also bring water--even for indoor activities. And watch kids to be sure they aren't getting woozy.

You can even add flavor to the water--lemon for example--or bring a juicy snack such as watermelon, celery, cantaloupe, and cucumbers.

My Mom used to freeze orange juice in ice cube trays and give us a cube with a piece of paper towel to hold it with. Beat any popsicle ever made.

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