Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Intelligent food choices start in school

 When students get to college and start making choices outside of what's in the family fridge, fast food, pizza, ramen, and vending machines beckon.

Navigating the food plan can be a challenge. There may not be a nearby grocery store.

These first days of independence can also set the pattern for a lifetime of choices.

Actually, the Freshman 15 is more like 7, not 15, but most college students do gain weight.

Anne Matthews, a University of Florida assistant professor of good science, looked into this.

College students, like other adults, base food choices on taste, price, and convenience.

But they also think in terms of what will make them feel full the longest, and on price.

So here are some tips:

--Keep favorite fruits and veggies on hand.

--Aim for three different foods per meal. Pack some veggies or cheese for snacks.

--Plan ahead of where you will eat.

--In the dining hall, fill half your plate with veggies and fruit--then add the entree.

--Eat protein at every meal--nuts, cheese, seeds, yogurt.

--Buy a great lunch box that fits in your backpack.

--Learn how to make a few simple meals with few ingredients and requiring few utensils.

--If the grocery store in far away, ask for a ride, or maybe ride your bike.

--Buy only what you can eat or store for a few days.

Matthews is part of a team putting together a program called GET FRUVED aimed at getting HS and college kids to eat more plant foods and exercise more.

Fruved? Beats me, Fru=Fruit...VE=Veggies...? Really?

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