Monday, August 29, 2016

Normal consumers using sports drinks

I don't mean Gatorade, either. I mean all the hard-core drinks, powders, goos and bars in the sports nutrition arena.

Writing in the August issue of Food Technology, A. Elizabeth Sloan talks about several trends in this space:

--53% of Americans exercised more than 30 minutes a day three or more days a week--an all-time high (Gallup 2015).

--106 million adults are exercise walkers, 56 million exercise with equipment, 45 million do aerobic exercise, and 45 million run (National Sporting Goods Assn, 2016).

--Hispanics and younger consumers are the most likely to exercise regularly.

--Teen sports participation is an at all-time high.

--Energy and sports drinks were among the 10 fastest growing packaged consumer goods in 2015.

--Nearly half of consumers 18-24 consume sports drinks or mixes when not working out. A third of those over 55 do, too.

--45% of adults bought a high=protein sports/energy bar in the last month.

--One in five adults look for products with vegetable protein.

I would offer one caveat--look at all ingredients...Some extreme products used by body builders can be dangerous. Google! Even loading up on too much protein can have side effects.

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