Friday, September 09, 2016

Benefits of coffee without damage to your teeth

Coffee is back in, folks! Lots of research now suggests that three to five cups a day may protect the liver, and reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Plus coffee boosts your metabolism and keeps you sharp.

But coffee is still bad for your teeth, right? No! Early evidence suggests is may prevent bone loss in the jaw and green coffee may help protect your gums from disease.

But what about stains on your teeth? Well, these can be an issue. The Academy of General Dentistry has some tips for minimizing this problem:

--Sip through a straw. Even with hot coffee, this keeps down the amount that touches the teeth.

--Rinse with water after your java.

--Wait to brush after drinking coffee. Acidic drinks (coffee) soften tooth enamel and brushing right away can damage it. Don't worry, though--the enamel hardens back up within half an hour.

--Try bleaching. A dentist can safely bleach your teeth--this doesn't prevent staining, just removes it.

Remember--five cups a day tops. And not before bedtime.

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