Tuesday, September 06, 2016

How I age-remodeled my bathroom

Pretty 90s? Plus-ouch!
As much as I write about aging in place, it never occurred to me that I would have to remodel my house to accommodate my arthritis and chronic pain--that was for other people.

But I had a shower (above) that had a high curb--7 inches--it was agonizing to step out and try to get one foot down on the bathroom floor while bending the other knee to weird angles. I began to dread showers. Dread life. Dread everything.

And I needed grab bars--yes, grab bars--the trademark of oldies.

While I was chucking over the money, I decided on a complete makeover. Beautiful vanity, marble-topped, sleek floor level walk-in shower, a sophisticated color scheme of black, gray and brushed nickel.
I don't miss the beach theme.

Note grab bar across the back.

There is another grab bar opposite the toilet. Bliss!

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