Thursday, September 22, 2016

Malpractice insurance company tells why people sue

The Doctor's Company is a physician-owned malpractice insurer. In a recent study, it looked at 1,180 claims against internists (2007-2014).

The most common claims are diagnosis-related.

--39% of all claims alleged failed, delayed, or wrong diagnosis, with 56% of these alleging inadequate patient assessments (such as failure or delay in getting tests).

--58% of claims against internal medicine specialists were for high-severity injuries (with a third taking place in hospitals). Such claims added up to only 34% of claims against other specialties.

What contributed to patient injury?

--33% patient assessment (wrong tests or lack of)

--25% concompliance with the treatment plan

--21% communication breakdown between doctor and patient or family

The average primary care doctor diagnoses 400 different diseases a year, and occasionally may not have seen a condition before.

Continuing education is key.

Four hundred diseases a year seems high to me...

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