Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Remember health class?

When health class fails....
I remember squirming while the teacher, a beefy coach in real life, struggled to explain the ins and outs of men, women, and sex. A big topic was menstruation--we were all worried about that at the time.

Maybe they also said don't drink or take drugs. Drugs were less of an issue 50 years ago.

Now, the University of Michigan did a poll on what parents would like health class to cover in middle or high school.

Two-thirds of the parents said schools should cover emotional and mental health issues--depression, stress, and bullying.  Only a third said their schools covered these.

While most parents support traditional topics such as pregnancy prevention, drug abuse, and other risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, the parents also wanted the kids to learn CPR and basic first aid.

Healthy eating was also a desired topic.

Almost 40% of parents, mostly low-income in this case, wanted instruction on how to use the health care system.

Did you teach your child CPR? Me, either. How about first aid? Nope, me either. And apparently I jumped in too late on the sex talk, too. My daughter had already had practical experience, much to my amazement and regret.

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