Thursday, September 15, 2016

Those "open floor plans" may make you eat more

To easy to see if there's food left?
Do you watch the house hunting and house renovating shows? I admit to being addicted.

In every one,  it seems, the client wants an open floor other words, the kitchen should not be blocked off or in a separate room.

Kim Rollings, assistant prof at Notre Dame's School of Architecture, found dining environments can affect eating behaviors (Environment and Behavior).

She and an environmental psychologist from Cornell named Nancy Wells used folding screens to manipulate the arrangement of kitchen and finding areas during buffet-style meals for 57 college students.

Their findings suggested that with the kitchen in plain view, people were more likely to head toward the food and help themselves to seconds and as a result, eat more.

The upshot was 170 calories more in the open floor plans, compared with the closed.

Time was, kitchens were for cooking not entertaining.

Oh, yeah--forgot.

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