Friday, September 30, 2016

Way to route signals through your body instead of the air

University of Washington computer scientists and engineers have devised a way to send secure passwords from say a fingerprint sensor to the controlling computer without putting this sensitive info into the "air."

Usually fingerprint sensors are input devices, but now they can send out info confined to the body.

This is more secure.

Say you want to open a door using an electronic smart lock. You can touch the doorknob and touch the fingerprint sensor on your phone and transmit secret credentials through your body to open the door--without letting this info out where it could be intercepted.

The researchers have tested this on the iPhone and other fingerprint sensors as well as Lenovo laptop trackpads and the Adafruit capacitive touch pad, using 10 people with different  heights, weights, and body types.

The receivers can be on the leg, chest, hands, and still work.

Does this vibrate you or fry you or anything? Apparently not.

Look, this is WAY above my paygrade as the wits like to say. I merely offer it.

PS Sorry I missed posting yesterday--my daughter have a terrible gallbladder attack and we spent all day in the ER. Today is her surgery.

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