Wednesday, October 05, 2016

It's flu shot time again

"Flu is serious. Flu is unpredictable," says Thomas Frieden, MD, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet--only one-third of adults between 18 and 49 get vaccinated.

--Some people believe the vaccine is ineffective because some vaccinated people still get the flu.

--Some even think the vaccine MAKES you get it--again because you can still get it in come cases even though you are vaccinated. (I had pneumonia twice and I have had the pneumonia vaccine--nothing is perfect--this is a game of odds.)

Yet--every year 5%-20% of Americans get the darn flu! More than 200,000 people end up hospitalized. Thousands die of it.

Yet, all these stats and all this info seems to be backfiring--people think why the hard sell?

Plans are afoot to mobilize more community volunteers to talk to neighbors. More public service ads and videos. More celebrity ads.

Despite my child having emergency surgery and my arthritic self not being able to get to the doctor to get my prescriptions renewed, I did get a flu shot (while waiting for my daughter's prescriptions).

But you should know the nasal mist form of the vaccine is now not given, which may create more suspicion. And we don't know yet how good a guess they made on what strains of the flu will be coming.

Oh--and older people should get a more intensive form. Ask about it.

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Corine Traina said...

Oh wow, I had no idea they were not giving the nasal mist form of the vaccine. My nieces and nephews used to get the vaccine as a nasal mist. I have not gotten a flu shot in years due to my own fear of needles, but my doctor was somehow able to talk me into it during my appointment last week.