Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Look who's happy

How about "beachin'"?
I have a sort of weird one for you today.

According to a story in Nextgov by Ellie Anzilotti, Spur Projects, a suicide-prevention group, collected data on people's moods from around the world in an app called How Is the World Feeling?

They looked at 7 million people's emotions periodically over the course of one week.

Users of the app were asked to select from six possible emotions:

The author of the piece was contacted and and was relatively happy working, surrounded by people, and indicated she was HAPPY. The app then informed her that around 7,000 people were also happy at that moment. 9,000 came in as peaceful. And 6,000 were anxious.

A map was presented showing distribution. Most of the data points were in the US, Europe, and Australia. But one person in Lebanon came on as angry, and one in Laos was happy.

The idea, apparently, is for people to check in on how they are feeling from time to time during the day. They also think this data trove will help structure work and workplaces--say more people are Happy at quitting time--what does that tell them?

As I said, this is weird. For one thing, I think they need more emotions...I discussed this with three people...One said they need OK on the list. Another said WORRIED. How about CONTENTED. Or AFRAID? And when I asked my daughter which one she was at that moment, she said HUNGRY.

But for what it's worth...

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