Friday, October 21, 2016

New in the world of beauty

The October issue of Marie Claire highlights some advances from Beauty Lab, an incubator where various companies partner with the magazine to create new beauty approaches.

PERFUME. I tear out those perfume samples in the mags all the time--but they sort of smell like paper. So people shop online--but how can you tell if a scent meshes well with your own chemistry? has a quiz based on syesthesia--the brain phenom of senses mixing, as in say, smelling a color.  Or you could go to The Harmonist ( to use Chinese astrology to match yourself to a new perfume. Or--if you insist--you can get two samples of scent for $10 at

NAILS. There is new technology. The Inail S8 printer ($2000+) will be coming to nail salons. It deposits designs on your nails. For home use, Preemadonna's Nailbot--pick a design, stick your finger in the machine...for $199 by year's end.

BEAUTY BOXES. From Influenster;s VoxBoxes ( or write reviews and you can get free full-size products to review. With PlumPerfect's Girl Seeks Sample plan (, you upload a photo and get customized suggestions of products. Samples are two bucks or less.

WANT TO LOOK LIKE SOMEONE? With Rimmel London's new app (iTunes, google), you click on a face with makeup you love and learn which of the brand's products will achieve it.

And new and hot now in beauty nutrition? Fortified Honey. Forget green juice--it's over. Go to

You look mahvelous, darling!

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